You will be departing on a small boat with a crates of supplies your purpose is to arrive on the other shore with the most crates you are able to.

Hold [left mouse button] to drag crates from the sea and make sure your ship is ballanced.
You can also use [A] or [D] to lean your ship to the left or right.

This is our first attempt at Ludum Dare (little bit buggy), graphic is ours, and half of sounds effects too other half is thanks to the world wide web.

Thanks for playing :)


Download 16 MB


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It's a really neat game, on my 2nd try i noticed the ship moves faster if you take the crates off so i did and held A down and eventually the ship will flip over and over very quickly, eventually you will overshoot the end and keep going til you fall off the map, it's a fun little game tho :)

Good job guys. This is a fun little game.