Farmers Market 

A simple game about growing and selling farm plants.

Made for the 2022 Winter My First Game Jam

Game Modes

Free Mode:
Grow and sell your plants with no customer timer.  Simple and basic.

Timed Mode:
Grow and sell your plants while customers are impatient.  If they tire of waiting they will leave.  After 3 customers leave you lose. 


WASD - Movement

Q and E - Switch between plant seeds

Left Mouse Click - Plant seed

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


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Man this game is really nice, the models are really nice, and also the little indicator for planting and sfx for makes planting experience really pleasant. Also i loled at the customer order sounds. My nitpicks are the fruit stall inconvenience as mentioned by J and a very small inconvenience of clicking the vegetable 2 times from harvesting to pick it up, although it's probably just me. Overall a really well made game, wish you luck on next projects.

Good job on the game!




This is so fun! Everything about the growing and picking plants is soooo satisfying especially with the SFX and the way you can kind of throw the food around haha. The way customers talk is so funny too, and I love your low poly style so much. The only thing I encountered was that I would have all the food on the stall but it wouldn't register unless I nudged some pieces around. Other than that everything feels so nicely polished and well-scoped! Fantastic game!!


Beautiful plant models. The game is addictive